live chin up feed how-to & download

We love helping groups bring Chin Up to their events. We offer a live feed application where you can project a live feed onto a projector and show a Chin Up community as it updates. 

Fill out the form below, and follow the instructions on how to download the application and get started.  

If you want to find out more about how this live feed can be used at your event, Contact Us here

*To access this application, you must be on a Mac computer. OSX Only.  

Step 1: Fill out form and download the application. 

Step 2: Find the application in Finder. 

Step 3: Double click .zip file to unzip.

Step 4: Find "dance Marathon" app, right click and click open. 

Step 5: when asked if you want to open it, click "open"

step 6: enter your community and click "launch community live feed"

step 7: re-adjust window size by dragging the corner of the window, and zooming in to the window. click here to find out more about zooming on a mac.

step 8: enjoy the live feed -- and keep your chin up!

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