It is so easy to make a Make-A-Wish kid's day brighter, anyone can do it. 


First, download Chin Up!

Next, select a Make-A-Wish child from the Featured Posts section!

Finally, read their story and send in a Chin Up! It's as easy as that; we will handle the rest.

What is a Chin Up you might ask? A "Chin Up" is a positive message to make someone's day a little bit brighter. Once we receive your Chin Up, we add it into a Chin Up! book to create a special collection of positive messages specifically for that Make-A-Wish child.

We want every Make-A-Wish child, and their families to feel as much love and support possible while battling a life threatening medical condition. Each Chin Up message counts, so make sure to get your friends involved. The more Chin Ups sent in, the more smiles we can get out of each Make-A-Wish child!

It is our dream that every awesome Make-A-Wish child can receive a Chin Up! book, and if you would like to support our efforts, please use the button below. All donations from this page go directly towards Make-A-Wish Chin Up! books.